SmartCar Protects You From Car Repair Scam and Saves You Money and Time
  • Checks car problems in real-time
  • Helps in fixing simple errors through phone
  • Reduces the risk of car breakdown and accidents
  • Compatible with all cars manufactured after 1996.
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Prevent $1,000's In Unnecessary Vehicle Repairs SmartCar Will Never Control or Damage Your Car

SmartCar is a small, portable device that you plug into your car's port and connected to your smartphone to get real-time updates of your car's health.

It is a car diagnostic tool that allows the user to detect malfunctions in the engine by simply looking at the app alerts and fix it.

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Plug SmartCar to the car port below the steering wheel.


Connect to your Android or iOS phone free app via bluetooth to get the car diagnosis.


Receive car updates regularly to know the condition of the car whether oil changes, maintenance needs and other related issues.

Car enthusiasts

SmartCar can lessen auto mechanic visits as this tool diagnoses the car from the inside-out.

DIY Auto Mechanics

Maintaining and repairing cars are expensive so SmartCar can save you lots of money from unnecessary repairs and trips to the auto repair shops.

Stay At Home Moms Not Mechanic Savvy

Most women are scammed by car repair mechanics as they are not savvy with car issues and repair.

Features & Benefits:

What SmartCar Can Do For You

Check Engine Light

Understand why it is ON and detect car errors before taking your car to the mechanic.

Maintenance Monitoring

View the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule for your particular vehicle to update you of service appointments.

Mileage Notification

Receive alerts about your mileage for your scheduled maintenance.

Real-Time Diagnostic Updates

Detect problems at once with its continuous updates straight from your smartphone.

Car Issues Log

Trace back the history of car issues and problems with this vehicle log.

Fuel Consumption Reports

Understand why it is ON and detect car errors before taking your car to the mechanic.

How SmartCar Can Help You

Male and female drivers are getting ripped off by auto mechanics for $1,000's every time there are problems with their cars. With SmartCar, you can easily and quickly diagnose the health of your car through a car diagnostic tool connected to your mobile phone, tablet or computer via an app. You can save yourself from car repair scams saving you time, money, and effort.

Avoid Car Repair Scams Now. Get SmartCar TODAY.


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Hear It From Real SmartCar Users
It's very easy to view EVERYTHING that's happening with my car. SmartCar collects tons of info and the smartphone app gives pertinent details that I am not aware of.
Jiro G.
This small and portable device performs as advertised and lives up to its claims. It works great with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and my brother was also able to connect with his iPhone. It does not falter every time I need to have my car inspected and renew my tags when the check engine light is ON. What happens is that a simple warning comes on which is easy to handle. A great product that I use daily.
You better get one of this product. It allows you to see what's going on in your vehicle. I originally bought for used car shopping, I now make it stay in my car 24/7. Have a great time enjoying vehicle health info.
Joseph M.
I own a small mechanics shop. Many car repair shops are fixing cars old school. They manually detect malfunctions and find solutions based on their limited knowledge, training, and experience. SmartCar is a big help to my car repair shop. We can properly diagnose the conditions of our clients' cars and save time and effort to make the necessary repairs. We can see and monitor the the engine control unit in real-time. Reset the Check Engine Light and DTCs after repairing the errors. I trust this product full well. You better trust it too.
- Glenn C., Auto Mechanic Shop Owner and Mechanic
SmartCar is the SIMPLEST solution to unnecessary car repair costs!
  • Safety and security
  • Risk Avoidance
  • Unnecessary Cost Prevention
  • Access to information and understanding
  • Cool interesting product for car enthusiasts
Lessen Auto Repair Visits, Save Money & Use Car Powerfully

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