Get The Latest Technology on Your Wrist

With the XWatch, everything you need is just a click away

Using the best modern features, that are designed to make your life easier, this easy to use smartwatch gives you power on the move. The convenience and incredible battery life are just two of the must-have reasons this is so desirable.

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Packing more than you can imagine into one tiny device, the XWatch is capable of bringing you into the modern world of gadgets. It can follow you on any adventure and could even save your life. Combining fun and practicality, it is built to last, and when you unearth its abundance of functionalities, you’ll be glad that it does.

  • Activity Tracker

  • Heart Rate

  • Calorie Counter

  • Phone calls

"XWatch is my go-to device. I never leave home without it yet it still works the way it did when I first used it. For the price, there is surely no better smartwatch on the market. Because of the number of features, most people are surprised when we compare it to more expensive models."

- Paul Archer

Editor of GearHungry

What Is XWatch?

A Powerful Smartwatch

You can answer calls, check messages, and set reminders

An Exercise Companion

Monitors heartbeat and connects to your music via Bluetooth

Long-Lasting Battery

A massive 3-5 days of battery life depending on usage

Big Display

The 1.54-inch display is easy to view and touchscreen-friendly

Phone Access On Your Wrist

You can answer calls using the built-in speaker

A Potential Life Saver

Live ECG diagrams

XWatch Lasts Longer Than The Competition

A common complaint with a lot of smartwatches is the amount of time they take to charge. Not only does XWatch is charged super-fast, it also lasts a long time, up to 5 days after just an hour of powering.


“What I like most about XWatch is that I only have to charge it once or twice a week. I’ve had other smartwatches that spent as much time charging as they did on my wrist. The XWatch always lasts as long as I need it to.”

- Ben Popper

Verified reviewer

Easy To Use

It doesn’t matter whether you are using XWatch for fun, or more practical uses, it will please everyone. With the functionality to make it perfect for fitness freaks and more technical uses and the simplicity to make checking messages and answering calls super easy, it is a popular smartwatch that is easy to get to grips with.


“Usually I find a lot of modern technology difficult to navigate, and it takes days to get to know how to use a device properly. XWatch was probably the only purchase I’ve made that I could say I mastered within minutes.”

- Taran Nicolaou


Verified reviewer

Unlock The Power of Your Phone

It takes seconds to set up, and once you have the features of your phone on your wrist, life will never be the same.

Making everything easy, XWatch allows you to answer calls, check messages, set alarms, speak to your calendar, and a lot more on the touchscreen display.


“I used to wonder how much of a difference a smartwatch would make as a lot of them seem to be pretty similar. This one is made a bit different and within one touch I can find out what is going on in my world, so I never miss an important message or reminder.”

- Mike Prospero

Tech Times

Verified reviewer

Highest Customer Rated Smartwatch On The Internet



The slick design is the first thing that impresses as it is the sort of smartwatch that doesn’t look out of place on any wrist. When you delve a little deeper you realize this is a serious bit of kit. The fast charge time and long battery life are impressive, especially considering the price range.

It’s easy to see why this is such a popular product, in terms of smartwatches it is right up there with the best. The list of functionality and features seems to go on forever but the ECG diagrams and heartbeat monitor will make it a must-have for fitness enthusiasts. Anyone can appreciate the basics such as checking messages and answering calls, it ticks all the right boxes.

Everyone wants the most powerful gadgets and although technology moves fast, XWatch is the closest we have seen to staying ahead of the curve. The big, easy to navigate display, and simple menu help to unlock loads of features. Hard to believe you can get so much on your wrist!