Sleep easy at night knowing that your car is exactly where you left it with this simple and effective Tracking Technology
Location tracking in real time
Speed monitoring
Consult history of route & itinerary tracking
Works with Android & iPhone
Works for all cars from 1996 onwards
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Never worry about your car’s security again
Highly Advanced

This is smart technology which has been designed by experts in the field.

Real-Time Information

The app allows you to have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Immediate Alerts

You’ll be alerted immediately if your car moves without your permission

Access real-time location tracking so that you can see exactly where your vehicle is should it be taken or borrowed without permission

The tracker plugs into the diagnostic port and the data is securely accessible on your own smartphone.


Review history of the car’s route, stops, speed and drivers behavior right in the palm of your hand.

How To Set Up the iTrack on your car

Ensure you have a sim car with an active data plan to allow the OBD GPS tracker to share its position

Find your car’s diagnostic port (you may have to check in the user manual to find its location).

Plug the device into your vehicle’s diagnostic port

Download the free app for your smartphone and follow the instructions to set up an account and connect your device to the app.

Who needs an OBD GPS tracker?
Smart Drivers

Live somewhere where you have to park your car out of sight or around a corner? This tracker and app combination will give you peace of mind even when you can’t physically see your car.

Car Shares

Share your car with a friend or family member? Want to be able to see where they left it without having to call each time? This app lets you log in and see exactly where the car is without having to ask someone else to remember where they left it.

Owners of Company Fleets

Do you provide company cars for your members of staff? Have you always wondered if they are being driven responsibly? This app will allow you to see the driving habits of those who drive any of the vehicles you provide through your company, and if they are being taken anywhere they shouldn’t be going.

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Features & Benefits:
Why you need the iTrack GPS tracker in your life
iTrack GPS trackers will change the way you think about your car’s security
  • Never forget where your car has been parked
  • Find out in real time if your car is moved from its parking space
  • Rest assured knowing that you can check the location of your vehicle at any time
  • Monitor your driving habits and patterns
  • Keep track of your travel data
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